How To Choose A Website Design Agency

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Great Looking Websites That Work

You may be looking for a new website or your existing website might be underperforming. You Google “website design agency” and then your problems really start because there are just so many in a very crowded market.

Well the first bit is relatively easy, if the Website Designers own site looks drab, opens slowly, is cluttered, difficult to navigate, not mobile responsive or just looks dated, you need to look elsewhere.

If they can’t get their own site in order, how can you trust them to design and build your website that is mission critical to your business, organisation or cause?

Once you have eliminated the obvious then how do you move towards choosing a website design agency that is going to meet your needs and offer real value for money

Responsive web designers Norwich

1. Is there a fixed price and what does that buy me?

Always look for Web Designers who offer a range of fixed price options. If your needs go beyond these options, the best ones will have the ability to offer bespoke solutions as well. Make sure you know what you are committed to pay, upfront and ongoing before you place your order.

2. Are there are agreed timescales at all stages of the design?

Having a website designed and ready may be mission critical to your business plans. It could cost you significant money in lost opportunity if your website is not ready and functioning correctly when you need it.

Your website design agency must be one who works with you to an agreed timescale plan from first meeting to scope out the work, to going live. Planning in agreed stages means that your website should be right first time and on time.

3. Will your website be Search Engine Optimised?

Many agencies will not do this or charge you significant extra cost for doing it. The truth is if you chose the right web design agency, their design architecture will automatically build in SEO. If they don’t you will be buying something that won’t meet your needs and will not be cost effective. Choose one that does.

4. Is the web design going to be carried out by the team you meet?

Some web design agencies take the order and the sub contract out the design and build. Make sure you choose one that has full ownership of the process.

5. Will I have a dedicated design team and can I meet them before I engage their services?

This will be a vital mission critical design service you will be purchasing. Choose a website design agency where the Head of Design oversees the project management of the design and build at every stage working with a dedicated team of designers.

6. Will my website design be mobile responsive?

For SEO using Google it is vital to choose a website design agency that designs and builds a website on a responsive framework.

7. Will there be a migration/transition plan?

If you have an existing website, it is crucial that migrating from the old site to the new design is planned so that you can maintain traffic and/or sales when your new website is ready to go live. Choose a website design agency that engages you in the transition plan to your new site.

8. Will my new website be easy to edit and, what platform and Content Management System will be used?

You should establish the platform and CMS to be used. The best website design agencies tend use their own platform. Some will offer an editing service. That may suit your needs if you don’t have the time resources, but it will come at an additional cost. Above all make sure it’s easy for you to edit. This is vital as otherwise you may be stuck with the cost of them doing simple edits

9. Is my new website going to be scalable as my business or organisation grows?

Many website designs are limited, inflexible and cannot be added to easily without great cost. In those circumstances a new design is going to be required. In choosing a website design agency, look for one that can design and build a site that is easily scalable, with modular enhancements, or can have make overs that don’t require being built again from scratch.

10. Do they provide training to use the CMS and is it included in the price for the design service?

Make sure that they provide training on how to use the CMS so that you can edit and amend your website pages or add items for sale. Establish how many hours of training are including in the website build cost that you are going to purchase.

If you have an existing website and are considering upgrading, or you need a cutting edge website Marketing agency in Norwich to design and build a shiny new one for your brand new business or organisation

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