Do Most Web Designers Use Templates?

Here At Designtec, We Don’t!

Are you looking for one of the top website designer in Norfolk to build you a new website?You Google "web designer" and up comes a list of companies claiming to send your business into orbit.

Once you have selected a short list, and you start to make detailed enquiries, they all begin to sound similar in what they are offering. It's then down to the specifics of the design, price, services, team and plan. You may have heard them mention templates that they will be using to build the design. Indeed, maybe on your list of questions to ask is which templates are they going to use. They may even show you a range to pick from?

What is clear is that most will use templates from platforms like WordPress as the building blocks for their designs.

Most but not all.

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Our Websites

At Designtec we do not believe that your website should be based on the same templates that are used in thousands of websites throughout the country and beyond.

We don't use templates to build our websites, but website styles are all very similar. Everything is made from scratch to ensure that your website will be 100% unique to your company. Our web design process involves your input every step of the way to ensure that we make the perfect website for you.

Every website that we build incorporates the following core values:

Ease of Navigation

  • Clarity of Information
  • Eye-catching Visuals
  • Responsive
  • Multiple Features
  • Simple to Update

What Happens Next?

We will sit down with you to understand about you and your business. By immersing ourselves in what you do and learning what you want your website to achieve, we can establish the best package for you and start working on your design with a clear vision. Sound good?

If you would like a unique template free website for your new venture or your existing website is built on a template used by thousands of businesses and you wish to stand out from the crowd.

Call Designtec today on 01603 952811 or email [email protected] for more information about our responsive website design packages..